Possible, but it would be going against history.

First midterm house losses

Trump lost 41seats in 2018 Lost control of the house.
Obama lost 63 seats in 2010 lost control of the house
**Bush gained 8 seats in 2002
Clinton lost 54 seats in 1994 lost control of the house
Bush lost 8 seats in 1990
Reagan lost 26 seats in 1982
Carter lost 15 seats in 1978
Nixon lost 12 seats in 1970
*LBJ lost 47 seats in 1966
JFK lost 4 seats in 1962
Eisenhower lost 18 seats in 1954 lost control of the house
Truman lost 28 seats in 1950
FDR gained 11 seats in 1934

*LBJ lost 47 seats in 1966, but he could afford the big loss. His majority fell from 295 down to 248. From a 155-seat majority down to a 61 seat majority.

**G.W. Bush in his second midterm, lost 33 seats in 2006 and lost control of the house.

Democrats from Truman until Bill Clinton had control of the house and at times over a 100 seat majority. So those president's loses in the house didn't result in loss of control. In those years from 1933-94 the Democrats at times had an 80-100 seat majority and in a few years well over a 100 seat majority as was the case with LBJ in 1964. From 1933-1994 the Democrats had control of the house for 58 of 62 years. At one point, they controlled the house for 40 straight years.

During that 62 year time span, 11 times the Democrats had over 60 senators including on year with a 75-17 majority and five more with 67, 68, 69 senators.

As for 2022, we'll see. If not for 9-11, every president would have had first midterm loses in the house. Having the Democrats majority cut from 37 from the results of the 2018 election down to 13 at the moment with 4 seats still to be decided isn't a good sign or omen for the first Biden midterm.

But then again, have no, zero, nadda, none coat tails may aid the democrats. They won't have any vulnerable seats up that were the results of Biden's popularity that revert to their natural political roots in the first midterm. Depending or not whether Biden and the Democratic congress does something to make independents angry at them, the odds are because of the above only a handful of seats will change hands. My two cents anyway.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.