That would be all Congressmen .... House & Senate.

Remember both the House and Senate will convene to accept the slate of electors from each state. Once the process begins each state in alphabetical order will present to the joint session their slate of electors, at which point anyone can object, when there will be (if I understand this part correctly) a separate session of each house to find a resolution to the objection. Now I do not understand what happens. Is only a majority enough to proceed and what if one house does not agree with the other etc. The possibilities are 3. They either reject the state slate and reject any slate, reject the state slate and accept the alternate slate, or finally accept the slate sent by the states. In the first two VP Biden would not have enough electoral votes on Jan 6 to get 270 votes nor would Mr Trump. It would therefore go to the House which has a Republican majority of states 26-23 (one state is split) and ergo, presuming the Republican states would vote for Mr Trump, he would continue to be occupant of the WH.

To me this is scary sheis. This would essentially be voter nullification. How can I even be typing these words ... and people still be oblivious!!!

If you got the crazy ... you're probably a Republican

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty