If Congress refuses the slate of electors or refuses to seat the electors. The Irish have a saying, there would be wigs on the green that day. Adapting the saying for we Americans, there will be bloody scalps on the steps of congress.

Do not advocate it. Just saying...

Also, how COVID-19 Brain will Republicans become. All the need to do is remember when their man won and their reply was tough it up buttercup he is your president to. Be Americans first and political hack, last

For any of Republicans that may be reading this and that you are a veteran here is some provable history of the current coward, draft dodger, etc.

New York Times article - Donald Trumpís Draft Deferments: Four for College, One for Bad Feet

His Draft Record - Line 10 - Donald Trumpís Selective Service Records

When the grandiose signature Donald Trumpís Registration Card

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