Supreme Court sets date for state response in Mike Kelly (R) PA's election suit

Activist Conservative SCOTUS Alito masquerades as an originalist. His method of addressing constitutional questions consists of:
  • Determine the outcome,
  • Reverse engineer a constitutional basis to support the desired outcome.
The thing that the idiot Republiclowns don't understand is that if they somehow got the SC to void the election in PA, that means that anyone who was elected in the November 3rd election no longer is 'elected.' They can't just void the votes for president and leave the rest intact.

My guess is that Alito will refer to full court, so it can be unanimously denied shutting down forum shopping to keep it going. The SCOTUS will say State Court should hear the challenge if Act 77 is constitutional per PA Constitution but will punt on the relief due to laches on remedy Kelly is seeking.


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