I hear Lindsey Graham promised on Fox News that if the Republicans retain control of the senate, they will refuse to confirm any Biden AG nominee who says he will investigate Trump for criminal prosecution. Now, of course Graham can say almost anything he wants on Fox News. But if he actually did that, he could be indicted as an Accessory After The Fact. The definition of that is someone who knows a person has committed an offense against the United States, and does anything to help that person avoid investigation, prosecution, or punishment. Mueller reported 10 instances of Obstruction of Justice Trump could be prosecuted for after leaving office, and Mueller was extremely qualified to be the judge of that.

So Graham either has to know Trump committed an offense against the US, or at least suspect. Obstructing an investigation of that confirms it! So there you have all the elements of Accessory After The Fact. All the other Republican Senators who vote to not confirm the AG would be harder to prosecute, because they could just claim to be doing their job. But Graham actually announced his intention for a criminal reason on TV.

The federal sentencing guideline says Accessory After The Fact gets half the sentence and fine of the original criminal. So if Trump got 5 years per Obstruction charge, Graham could get 25 years. I wonder if that's his retirement plan?

Graham could also face Georgia state charges for soliciting a state official to discard valid ballots. Their law is very clear, and that was witnessed by others.