There has to be a reason why she would forego Iowa's procedures in favor of having the Democratic controlled house choose or decide whether she won or lost.
well of course

you uncovered it. Yes the massive Democrat Party conspiracy of cheating, fraud, and baby eating, pedophiles.

Why not ask her why? Of course you may not believe what she says. So why believe what anyone says.

If I were her, I would ask for a recount with only Trump supporting counters.

I suspect going to the House for relief is not what she thinks it is nor what you think it is. The votes are certified in a razor thin race. For her to make a case she would have to claim she actually won the race because there was an error in the certified vote count. Any claim she should be seated because she is a Democrat doesn't work.

Of course for Republicans, I believe that is precisely their case. Mr Trump won because ... well ... he is the greatest human to have ever lived and therefore yadda yadda yadda. 39 of 40 appearances in court have been met with judicial derision for trying to make a case out of he couldn't lose therefore fraud. The one case won was for technical reasons ie.e watchers were not allowed close enough to see the fine print on a ballot.

Pelosi will want and need every Democratic congress person she can get.
I will conclude you believe she is corrupt. Perhaps you can point out some action which was as egregious as Mr Trump abusing the power of his office???

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty