What one thinks deserves to be tabled, another doesn't. I'm sure Republicans are saying the bills McConnell tabled deserved to be tabled for political reasons also.

Of course they should be tabled. Most were passed by the house with no bi-partisan support and were written to appeal to democrats and the democratic agenda. Vanity bills the House knew would never see the light of day. If Democrats want McConnell to take their bills seriously they need to be able to get some Republicans on board...even if that means making compromises.

I've always been of the opinion that all bills passed by the house regardless of who controls it, should be voted on in the senate and vice versa.

I agree, but has it ever been that way? Government has been so f*cked up for so long that I've lost track of when things might have ever been better. The rest of the world is leaving us behind as we become more backward.

How long will it be before the American Diaspora begins and Americans begin flooding into other countries to escape the economic hardships forced on them by corporate greed and ineffective government? Why should anyone stay here when other countries have so much to offer?

Living wages

Socialized healthcare

Free college education.

You can get those things and more almost anyplace in the world.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...