The greatest epiphany I have had is Republicans (this mostly applies to Republicans and less so to Democrats .... unless you can present some evidence otherwise) are ok with Democrats as long as they agree with the Republican agenda.

When Gingrich started the burning down the House full frontal assault on Democrats. Think about Bannon and his deconstruction campaign. I get a kick out of talking heads proclaiming PE Biden can compromise with Republicans. They are delusional. Even former moderate Republicans have become hesitant to compromise. Never give an inch!!!!

So what you're saying is my lead-in epiphany. If Democrats become Republicans, then all is well. If Democrats did not try to ensure people do have equal rights or Republicans try to destroy the very government in which they serve, then we would remain in 1791. I guess for some, who are incapable, or do not want to adapt, that would be ok ... In am on the other side of this .... "Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall" ... "the battle outside is ragin"

The world is changing far too fast and is far too dangerous for these clowns not to be addressing all of the inherent problems

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty