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You obviously don't understand. Its really pretty easy. The Democrats are dedicated to fighting. Their problem is that they don't care who they are fighting as long as they can have a fight. They can attack the Republicans but its unlikely they will get a fight out of it. The Republicans are not so much fighters as liars, the whole damned bunch of them. They will call Democrats all sorts of names and stuff but not really fight at all. For a really good fight the Dems have learned that they gotta go after their own and THEN they will get a fight.

The interesting thing is that they just don't seem to get it. The result is that the jackbooted Republicans march in complete agreement no matter what and the result of that is, pretty much, that they stomp all over the Democrats before the Dems even notice as they are busy with 'important' stuff like going after one another rather than the opposition.

I think you get it. You take an independent voter, doesn't have to be a Trumper, he hears the slogan Defund the Police. Now he isn't going to delve deep into that. Chances are he'll take it as meaning defund the police. He say, heck no. I like my police. He votes against Democratic congressional candidate because he sees a couple of democrats on the nightly news out front shouting about defunding the police. Then he's hit with all these GOP political ads stating the democrats want to do away with the police.

Now here's a guy, more or less the average independents who really doesn't pay much if any attention to politics or the daily grind going on in Washington. He's trying to make ends meet, take care of his family, rooting for his favorite sports team, watching his favorite TV shows. Politics and the actual meaning of Defund the police goes missing. He takes the slogan of defund the police as meaning exactly that.

You and I know different, but we're political junkies. If we weren't we wouldn't be on a site like this one. The average independent doesn't even know debating politics sites even exist.

A language problem, yeah, I'd say so. Perhaps the Democrats need to learn to say exactly what they mean. Not standing behind phrases and slogans that can mean many different things to different people. People who will hear the slogan or the phrase and think it means what it says.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.