They need a positive message like the Republicans have to win the votes of independents..

Things like Swastikas and slavery flags. They need leaders like Trump who put party over country and personal greed above all else.

They need armed insurrectionists storming statehouses and plotting to kidnap and Kill governors of the treason party.

They need to deny the results of elections and attack democracy.

That's what gets voters attention and gets them to the polls.

Demonstrating against police brutality loses votes and turns off the voters. Siding with blacks or queers is stupid and costs you votes. Democrats need to become more racist, more homophobic and much much greedier. They need to stop getting educated. They need to stop complaining about expensive healthcare, suck it up and die like men when they get sick. And living wages? You gotta be kidding! No one wants to make enough money to pay the bills!

Yeah, Democrats have totally got it wrong.

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