I am delighted that everybody is convinced that this last gasp IS THE LAST GASP! However, that being said, I take no comfort until this stuff gets ignored and throwed out. Until the Biden campaign is officially the winner Trump will continue and, probably, afterwards as well. My paranoia will decrease when he leaves the White House. My really fond hope is that, whilst this goes on, we don't get a crazed group of merry white nationalists who just start shooting the other side for target practice.

Basically, I don't trust the other side one little bit. These people are invested in fairy tales and unproven conspiracies! They are, in other words, mentally challenged! What I would really like is for every one of them claiming the truth of their fairy tales and unproven conspiracies be given jobs stacking stiffs and cleaning out ICU's (starting out with a one week stint). My problem with that is that these people will claim its all a lie as they lie in a hospital dying because they cannot breathe! Perhaps just taking them off the streets, in their own best interest, might be in our own best interest?