When I broached the subject several months ago now, many scoffed at the idea anyone would not leave the WH when losing an election, but now what say you naysayers?

well over 100 House Rep's have signed on the amicus brief, as well as 18 Republican led state AG's ... and of course the Constitutional giant Sen Cruz representing Republican fascism. This does not include probable Senate Republicans who will lend a hand.

The bi-partisan inauguration committee failed to pass a simple resolution recognizing anyone other than Mr Trump as president. The Republicans represented by Sen McConnell, Sen Blunt, and Rep McCarthy are the leaders of the party in Congress. Now if the leaders do not recognize PE Biden as the PE, I can only conclude they will not move on the actual physical inauguration.

So, because I was right to be concerned, I now have some more questions.

How will the Chief Justice know to whom to administer the oath of office of the president?

If PE Biden simply invites Justice Roberts to administer the oath, would that constitute an act of sedition?

If no one has taken the oath of office at noon Jan 20, will the current occupant of the WH continue to be president?

Now some may think I am being hyperbolic and alarmist, but should you be, I would say have you read the news of late? have you watched in disturbing amazement what Mr Trump is doing? Why just a few months ago the unimaginable is now more than a fleeting thought of some demented, fevered mind of a deeply concerned citizen worried I may be watching the end of democracy as I have known it. I have always asked myself the question, how was it possible an A. Hitler could have ascended power in a republic where there are thoughtful citizens. Folks I believe we are witnessing just how it happened in Germany.

If this is allowed, who will be left to speak for our Democracy?

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty