you missed my point.

My statement (and I have made it numerous ties over the past 17 years) is simply an observation based on observable reality of what people do and say. Now it could be only the ignorant are ever singled out by the media, so it could be skewed and my observation is inaccurate or not valid, but I would rather think based on election circi (hmmm .. i like it) and what these folks say, my observation is accurate.

I am not calling for or hoping for more ignorant people to vote. Good god no. I am hoping educated folks will vote and we can leave the ignorance (and their voice) to those who choose to be ignorant. Almost everyone I know is a Trump supporter. They are all bigots, and ignorant. They all believe the Democrats stole the election and celebrated in an orgy of eating babies. If you don't think these folks are ignorant ...well .... you must be using a different dictionary than I.

I could arbitrarily design criteria for voting as must have at least 12 ancestors who fought in Revolutionary War. You get a bonus vote for any who died in the war. or a citizen must pass a relatively simple civics exam to guarantee they understand the system of government under which we live. Of course you noticed right away, the Founders recognized people are ignorant but in order to guarantee some semblance of freedom and equality, even the ignorant are protected ... even if they through their ignorance would destroy America.

My hope as I said is to educate people first, so they make knowledgeable voters.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty