It appears the SC just ruled on the Texas Suit. Denied.

So some would say ... game over man ... but ... the game is not over. The ruling made clear states with standing could file a suit. Thus all the battleground states which Trump lost could file a suit to overturn their own certification. So you may say, no person in their right mind would do that. Are you listening to yourself??? Does anything these clown do make sense???

So think like a delusional narcissist. What can be done?

We already know some 118 House Rep's signed on the Texas amicus. There are some Republicans who stand with them. The joint session has not received the slate of electors. so there are 2 avenues still available to the lunatic fringe. Each of the battleground states could still file a suit to decertify (or something similar) and the lunatic House Republicans joined by some Senators could make objections. Republicans can still stall the inauguration committee, which throws a kink in the process. and of course the coup de grace is Mr Trump refuses to leave the WH especially if there is no swearing in on Jan 20.

Sen Cruz will be the savior of the effort.

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