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The date has passed where congress is obligated to accept all states that had certified. They can't uncertify. Congress is obligated to accept all those certified counts. The only state with issues left is Wisconsin, and even if they flipped Republican, Biden has more than enough electoral votes.

On Monday, the Electoral College votes. It's going to go as planned. Several states actually have laws that replace an elector if he or she tries to vote for somebody other than the state winner.

Congress receives the Electoral totals. Congressmen or Senators can object, but objections have to be upheld by both houses or they get dismissed.

So Trump's only path to keep power is a military coup, which is about as likely as a giant asteroid.

....33 states have faithless elector laws, some with penalties, some without.

The SCOTUS ruled on this in the summer of 2020. Please review their ruling. smile

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