It appears there will be a 2-pronged attack on democracy by Mr Trump and his rabid supporters.

1. Texas AG (currently under a cloud of impropriety and legal problems) will lead other states to file their own suits to overturn rightfully cast votes in several battleground states.

2. The fight will end on the floor of the House. Frothing at the mouth rabid Trump supporters in the House, led by Rep Mo Brooks, will carry on the fight with objections to all battleground states votes Mr Trump lost. Each will require a 2 hour battle and an ensuing vote. Nothing but political ugly and hopefully it will be televised.

Of course, and I confute the talking heads who continue to claim the embarrassment of Republicans will impact their ability to get votes in future elections, none of it will persuade any of the cultist Trump supporters PE Biden won the election. Biden will be forever branded by Mr Trump and his supporters as the illegitimate president who stole an election from the rightful president, greatest human to have ever lived, savior of America, son of God, etc etc.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty