I suspect we would all prefer not to spend too much time on that stuff as it scares the crap out of us.
and rightfully so

Think about this (and I hope it makes you as uneasy and uncomfortable as it does me), the polarization is so diametrical that in an election which has been counted, recounted, audited, and re-audited, then certified by every state, can, if there is but a small change of party affiliation in one house of Congress, actually overturn that election if anyone objects to the slate of electors from any of the states which Mr Trump lost. We, most likely will escape that result only because one house is controlled by the opposition party.

Now the kicker ... what this means is any political party in the future can now claim an election has been stolen and if the right political stars are aligned in Congress, that party can overturn the election.

and that is what should make each and everyone of us frightened of the possibility of political tyranny imposed by any party in power.

Now bow your head and pray to the great and almighty Mr trump savior of our democracy

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty