There are actually all sorts of legal reasons why all Trump's coup nonsense is not going to happen.
It's not about the law or the facts.

It is about a propaganda campaign which has convinced 50M people an election was stolen. The law ... the facts ... rational thinking are out the window. We have states which have been intimidated into doing additional audits, under the guise of fraud. This is not about a simple recount because it was close, but because a narcissist is incapable of accepting defeat and his ability to manipulate people into believing his delusion.

We have congressmen incapable of understanding the simple truth. No one has produced the names of over 500k fraudulent votes. The argument is simple ... there is no way Mr Trump could have lost because he is the greatest president ever, he is the savior etc etc. The only "evidence" anyone has produced is statistical "anomolies" which they believe is "proof" of fraudulent voting.

We now have a congressman with the intelligence of a snail, filing a suit which claims VP Pence can make his own decision of on which electors are legal. Are these people sane or rational????

What is more important is we have now entered the domain of banana republics. When an election does not go your way ... overthrow the duly elected government.

That there are very few people concerned has me more than concerned .... I am disturbed. Just think ... if there was a more compliant Senator and a few more votes in the House, we may very well be seeing ... in real time ... the birth of a dictatorship. If you think it couldn't happen in America ... you may very well be deluding yourself.

We are one shout away.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty