yes yes ... of course it not only sounds preposterous that anyone could steal an election but ... well the law

Soooo ... there is the VP's gambit afoot.

Yes the law says can't happen and lots of scholars say no legal basis and all reasonable people say etc etc. Please note none of the people adhering and possibly implementing the gambit have said it can't happen. In fact the VP has not said anything.

So, if the gambit unfolds, VP Pence says that slate of electors is invalid, I select the Trump electors, who will stop him? Has anyone ever seen "the law" stop someone of committing a crime? So who exactly would say, stop, you can't do that? Sen McConnell? Certainly Sen Shumer and Rep Pelosi, but they would be out of order ... point of order please .... really .... and does anyone think VP Pence would come to his senses???? He has the backing of probably 125 House Republicans and a handful of Senators, who, may believe, the election WAS stolen by the evil, satanic Democrat cabal of pedophiles.

I am not sure anyone can stop the VP from doing this on Jan 6. This is why I have advocated from day 1 for ongoing suits to be filed to reach the SC and make rulings on what appears to me to be Constitutional issues which if they go unencumbered could and apparently have resulted in a possible Constitutional crisis. The Democrats would have to file a suit for a ruling on whether the VP could do what Rep Gohmert et al claim. I suspect Rep Gohmert has already tested his theory with the Trump appointed judge who will make a ruling on this and I suspect that judge will rule favorably for the plaintiff.

I have yet to see anyone recognize the possible result. Imagine, once a political party has gained control of the executive branch, all they would have to do is make any absurd claim (as justification) and let the VP select the next president or to say it another way, the party in power stays in power forever.

Do I think Republicans have any Constitutional common sense??? You know my answer.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty