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Which political enemies did Democrats imprison over the last four years?

Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, Stone, et al. The calls here for the arrest of President Trump were unceasing for his entire term. Hopes still run high that he and his family will be locked up in the near future.

Well, none of those people were tried and convicted by Democrats. They were tried by the Trump Dept. Of inJustice and convicted in federal courts.

Democrats agitated for impeachment and conviction of Trump for crimes committed while president. The impeachment happened but the conviction failed in the Senate after Republicans decided that they would not consider any evidence.

There continues to be state investigations of crimes Trump committed before he was president. Unless one feels that Trump should be granted a get out of jail free card for any and all crimes he may have committed, then I dont see why these investigations should be considered partisan attacks on a blameless political opponent.

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