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They were tried by the Trump Dept. Of inJustice and convicted in federal courts.

It might surprise you how much politics affects the goings on within government...? Every one of those guys I mentioned were political hits carried out by a democratic party digging for dirt on Trump.

My eyes have been opened! No one is neutral. Everyone is a partisan. There are no honorable Americans. No one in this country ever does anything because it is the right thing to do; all actions are only ever done after calculating what is best politically.

Iím encouraged to hear that all these men are and have always been as pure as the driven snow and did not commit any crimes. Iíve also been disabused of the delusion that Robert Mueller has been a life-long Republican. Iím also impressed at at how good the evil Democrats are at assuring only Democrats ever run Dept. of Justice investigations and only Democratic judges are ever assigned to trials against Republicans.

There are no crimes if you are involved in politics.

Allís fair in politics! (Except prosecution of crimes).

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