I think you are absolutely right on this one. Trump, for instance, has never made a dime on his golf courses and is trying to sell his interest in that hotel he leases from the gov. He had a huge amount in his initial 2020 campaign but that was stolen by family and friends (I think there are several investigations into that one).

Basically Trump is an economic disaster. There is no evidence he has a dime to his name and all public information is just more and more notifications of Trump failures. He has duly helped all his friends. I wonder if his friends are going to help him out or if they have already and not likely to spend any more. We all know Trump is leaving a mess for Biden to deal with. He is also leaving an incredible mess for Trump to deal with too! He is, basically, your genuine American Failure that works hard at being just that. As far as I can tell he fails at marriage, his kids are dependent failures, his businesses are a joke and. as far as I can tell, the greatest deal maker the world has ever seen has yet to make a single deal.