He is, and he is getting the bucks. The question is what is going to happen to it. He has surrounded himself with utter greed. His children - greed, those he appoints - greed. Those he hires to manage the money - serious greed. The part about it all is that he actually seems to be happy with his efforts being ripped off.

There are a lot of people trying to justify and legitimize what he does. What's almost interesting is that, at the same time, they are providing themselves with fancy cars, living space, etc. Trump is, basically, a poster child for greed.

All that being said there remain those determined to 'help' him by giving him money AND support. They all mind, they all don't wear masks, and they all believe every word that comes out of the Trump Trumpet. I don't think they will remain, however, once they have no more money they are useless to the man. OH, and on their way through life they are likely to also be victims of Covid-19 (which they will continue to deny whilst they are actually dying from it!) I fully expect he will gather others. The current Qanon folk, for instance, seem like good targets. They believe in bullsh*t, to a doting extent, just for starters. A better bunch of determined victims is hard to even imagine!