Trump supporters are preparing the election to be handed to the true winner, Mr Trump.

Talking heads keep saying Mr Trump knows he lost, but I disagree. If he actually thought he had lost, we would have found him whimpering in some dark corner, his delusions had been shattered and he had disassociated. I am convinced he actually believes he won, and the evil empire is trying to steal his election win from him.

Some 150 Republicans in Congress are the powder keg, willing to blow themselves up for a narcissistic faux dictator. The talking heads continue to lament the fate of Republicans but I believe this will not affect their standing nor change their power.

I believe we will be witnesses to the first tectonic political change in the demise of our Democracy. I send condolences to my fellow American patriots as we watch the end of democracy.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty