the [ed death] of the Republican Party in presidential races for a couple of decades
To grossly paraphrase this famous quote ....
The reports of [ed the Republican Party's] death are greatly exaggerated

Yes everyone who is not a Republican has said it is the end of the Republican Party for several years now as Mr Trump obliterated all standards of propriety and leveled the monuments of our democratic institutions to their foundation. Now he is trying to turn those very bulwarks into rubble, but None of this matters to the base.

P likes to type about the numbers and how the independents will determine elections. I like to type my belief the American electorate is, for the most part, ignorant. Add the ingredient of some 75M people who voted for the most offensive person to have ever occupied the WH and the belief of some 50M of those that the election was rigged with rampant voter fraud perpetrated by Democrat Party cabal of baby eating satanists and we should conclude there is no lock on the proposition Democrats should win the general election for at least a decade or two.

The next election will be even more hotly contested and will be equally as close. The media likes to say stuff like yippee Georgia is flipped. I am looking at it like it is a one off at this time. Many if not most of the solid red states will remain red for decades. All it takes for another populist poseur to win is to kiss a few independents and Democrat/liberals fail to turn out to vote and voila .... we have another Trump. I would hope this would be the end of thus fascist nonsense, but I suspect (since I have been wrong many times on similar issues) it will take at least 2 or possibly 3 generations for these ideas to be relegated to the archives.

I predict no matter how much evidence is presented by investigators on the integrity of the election, Trump's Base will still not accept it as valid. I also predict none of the Senators and Congressmen who are objecting to the certified slates will correct the record.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty