On of the most helpful bits of advice was when someone told me to 'decolonize my mind'. An interesting concept, but when you think of how papogandized and mentally dominated the american public has been, arguably longer than most with media saturation, it calls into question the idea of 'free will'.

One mans arsehole is another mans champion but what have the arguments been limited to in the political economy? Most of the last 30-40 years have been centered on ID politics and tribal virtue signaling. Any challenge to existing economic or hedgemonic foreign policy is verboten in either party. Untill Trump and Sanders that is. Both parties have been committed to the same foreign policy and economic arrangements.

Hence the theft of two political primaries on the Dem side and jettison support of Trump on the other. Pearl clutching by Blue MAGA aside.

Going right has been nonstop and incessant in american politics over the last 50 years. I believe I've heard it called the 'ratcheting' effect. Both political factions have battled over cultural issues while economic or geopolitical policy has been broadly agreed too. While we can applaud gay marriage or gender neutral bathrooms, you can still starve in America as the economy has transitioned from a productive to rentier economy. That transition has been the direct result of bipartison policy going back to Carter. Dems have put up token resistance but their fundraising sources and austerity policies would say otherwise to their being the party to working Americans.

I've always brought reciepts. Can you say the same? I don't think bringing evidence to an argument should be characterized as 'copping out'. The 'New Democrat' political realignment did happen. Just as it did in the U.K. analog of 'New Labor' under the Blair government or Schroeder's SPD in Germany.

Interestingly, there seems to be some self reflection on the liberal perimeter. Not the majority, but some have had some mea culpa's recently. Paul Krugman comes to mind with his recent 'Maybe our position on de-industrialization thru trade wasn't a net benefit after all'. A prime example of how you can sound smart but lack any common sense. MMT is trying to eradicate much of that 'language of minimum's' that's been employed by both political factions. A language I've first discovered on reading about British colonial governance that was used to extract resources while offering a rational of minimum return investment in the form of education, medicine, infrastructure, etc.. That language is being used against our citizens today. Our governments factions learned it from mother.

Pointing out the broad alignments in both parties is not causing the division, IMO. Most politics are centered around tribal or vindictiveness. Both factions want to punish the other while both believe they're the better side. Phooey!

One has to ask how one political party held congress for 40 years under the new deal consensus while same party, after it's neoliberal alignment, has traded house majorities between themselves and their culturally distinct but economically aligned alternative.

Finally, both parties are committed to the illegality of any alternative. TINA. This is reflected in foreign policy as well with the destruction of foreign governments and societies, non stop, over the decades. I would be surprised if Biden doesn't hit Venezuela. Liberals and neocons are thirsty to do it.

A good article covering a foriegn policy paper:

"But Americans dont have to look abroad for evidence that they are ill-served by their own system. The pervasive government incompetence on display during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic tells them all they need to know.

These days, American consumers buy plenty of products that carry Made in China labels. Yet the most pressing problems afflicting our nationinequality, racism, disunity, the waning legitimacy of basic institutionsare homegrown. They bear a label that reads Made in the USA.

Americas Defining Problem in 2021 Isnt China: Its America

Worth a read. Seems as though another re-alignment is in the wind.

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