Well, today is when all the fun starts. Trump has called all the White Nationalists together today. When I left the TV they said that Trump was marching, with his supporters, on Congress. They said he has a right to go to congress and speak on the floor. I think this means that he will fill the bleachers with loud supporters and then give a 2 hour speech all about how everybody hates him, nobody likes him (except), and how hard he has worked to try and save America from itself.

When I left the TV they were broadcasting congress and I could see that would go on for hours and nothing would really happen except everybody gets to talk (ON TV!) Speculation is that they can probably keep going for several days. A veritable passel of liars and cheats selling themselves to those of the American public willing to listen.

I keep thinking, and hoping, that the American public would treat Trump just like they do any other TV show that is done and losing support. I still think that's gonna happen but I gotta give trump credit for understanding his supporters about as good as anybody with a TV show. I have also noticed that TV has reduced giving Trump as much exposure for free. Time will tell?