Yes, President Donald (Coward, Traitor, Misogynist, Demagogue, Criminal, Serial Predator, Adulterer, Draft Dodger, Narcissist, Liar, Thief, Grifter, Incompetent, Bully, Braggart, Loser, failed Con-man, Fraudster, Seditionist, Insurrectionist, Wanted by Interpol, etc.) Trump* could be impeached in two or three days and maybe this time enough republican cowards will have the courage to convict, thus ending President Donald (...) Trump's* attempted second term in 2024.

On the bright side, he could make the claim of being the first President to hold two impeachments in his first term...

* Impeached

Vote 2022!

Life is like a PB&J sandwich. The older you get, the moldery and crustier you get.

Now, get off my grass!