Cant help but think about the straight line between decades long conditions that have contributed to our current reality. If I were to guess, the Dem party response will be to become more authoritarian as a reaction to yesterdays MAGA style brooks brothers revolt. Preferring internet censoring, imposing protest restrictions, redefining sedition perhaps.
Still, the lack of self reflection that had been a hallmark of the liberal class shouldnt be ignored. Lightning doesnt fall from a clear blue sky, as they say, and I havent seen much in the corporate media that has tried to grapple with economic material conditions that gives rise to the current reality. My fear is that neoliberalism wont allow democrats the capacity to address any of the material conditions that give rise to right wing extremism. Ive seen no evidence yet beyond posturing and spirited online rhetoric.

A prescient article for todays currrnt reality:

There are tens of millions of American workers living in a virtual depression, in a virtual Weimar. Their anger is real, as is their fear. Ignoring it is dangerous. The right has been addressing it in the form of appearing decisive with preventive war, or by cranking up the xenophobia. When many of them go into the voting booth they will punch the card or pull the lever for a candidate who appears strong...

... The solution lies in doing something both parties have ignored in their free-trade euphoria: helping working-class Americans with jobs and healthcare. That will not erase the fear of another terror attack, but it will dissipate some of the anger resulting from economic hardship. It would tip the margin back to a saner political course.

Rust & Rage in the Heartland

If history is any guide, the liberal class will become more authoritarian further increasing radicalization on the far right. Any left attempt to ameliorate conditions has been effectively crushed, politically speaking. My fear now is things will only get worse down the road.

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