NONE of this makes any sense. The Washington DC mayor said that she had called out the national guard first thing in the morning! Then they said that they weren't there because nobody asked them to be there. After that there was more baloney. One can only wonder if what happened is that before Trump made his little talk about how he would lead them to the congress he told his supporters not to worry and then told the national guard to stand back and everything will be dandy.

Now there are going to be several investigations - interesting times.

Oh, I saw several of the rioters walking out of the congressional buildings with tables, chairs, papers, etc.

Trump has less than 2 weeks. I have no idea how anybody can keep him in check as there is no time for that. At the very least the congress should pass a law banning Trump from any and all runs for public office. There has to be some way to do that as the man is working, very hard, to destroy the nation.

I continue to wonder. Once he leaves the White House I wonder - will he go directly to Russia to retire?