Yeah, direct action with political allies is a proven winner. Its about the only thing thats improved majorities of peoples lives, IMO.
Theres historical precedent for it anyhow. But thats tactics, not sure if thats what the thread was about.

Its the biggest complaint Id have of Sanders and a glaring failure of his. A problem when politics is personality driven, like some kind of television programming. He had the shot and he never took it. He could have effed sh!t up in the right sways and direction, unlike that Roger Stone sh!t show personal masterpiece that just went down.

A massive general strike would get attention. Saw something smaller and it got things moving again with the most recent government shutdown over budget. Seems like a million years ago but was only a little over a year ago IIRC.

The problems of living in an eternal time dilation like the present has been. Personally speaking.