Welcome to the
ReaderRant RoundTable
at the End of the Trump Regime!

We're not gonna have Donald Trump to kick around anymore and the extreme right has bloodied themselves and sullied whatever reputation they ever had as "Patriots" with most Americans of both parties.

It is entirely possible that this ushers in a new sense of responsibility among our elected officials in Washington DC. They've seen where hyper-partisan politics goes up close.

The Trump bootlickers still in place might find it hard to get elected next time around.

It's possible...it's not likely...But the real sh*tshow is over, we can at least get back to some sort of normalcy. I'm betting we see weed legalized federally within a year. Biden doesn't like it much but it will make him a hero to millions of Americans.

The $15 minimum wage might happen too, although we waited to long and it needs to be $20 now. I expect we'll see some sort of forward movement on healthcare as well. Walls will be torn down and the weird radical Trump approach to immigration will at least become slightly more compassionate.

I've heard that Mexico has agreed to pay for the wall now and Canada wants one too after the recent kerfuffle at the Capital...

Things are going to start to get better and Joe Biden will get the credit.

I'm going into this new year and new administration with high hopes.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...