High minded rhetoric, but so limited by if that there is no sense of what people can actually do to create lasting change.

We just saw an example of what some people decided to do, but who have no clue as to what comes next. The Trumpers apparently thought that physically dominating a place would magically lead to the vague change they passionately (delusionally) desire. When they achieved their fleeting dominance, they didnt know what to do besides take gloating selfies and then go home and await arrest (they didnt factor that result into their plan).

By contrast, this countrys new government (Im talking 250 years ago) was mapped out before the revolution began. Human interactions are like an incomprehensibly large tensegrity structure, made of cables and struts that are impossibly for the average person to understand how it works. Any kind of revolution, whether it takes the form of an insurrection or a pandemic or a strike, is like cutting a cable or breaking a strut, which has the potential for collapsing the entire structure. If there is no plan for managing the collapse, or quickly reconstructing a new structurally sound system, one metaphor for the result would be shiit hitting a fan.

Two possibilities I can think of for attempting massive systemic change would be: 1) carefully planning ahead to anticipate the chain of effects from breaking a strut or cutting a cable in the tensegrity structure and implementing small changes in advance to prepare; 2) using the more popular and common technique sometimes called, hold my beer and watch this.

My personal choice is to work on some small preparatory or corrective system changes with the slim hope that they may help avoid the impending collapse, or be useful in the rebuilding efforts following the widespread beer holding events.

In a nod to the topic title, I have found that what the Dems do when in control to be more supportive of what I am trying to do than the Reeps, though most of them dont grok it to any great level of understanding. It doesnt help that the efforts of one, or a few people working together, are viewed as insignificant (which they are), and are therefore worthy of little notice. But hey, Ill take whatever support I can get.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.
R. Buckminster Fuller