Loggie: Nobody but you and I know what tensegrity structures are! A better example would be when a homeowner wants to remove a load-bearing wall, so his builder puts in some temporary supports and then adds a big beam to hold every thing up. If you just remove the wall without doing that, the whole damned building collapses.

That principle applies to most of our existing institutions: Really defund the police, and criminality goes wild. Reform the police, and you can get improvement. Abolish Social Security and you get mass starvation. Fix it carefully, and you get continued solvency into the future. Trump et al tried massive changes to immigration policy, which has been a disaster in so many ways. Look at all the real goals and interests in immigration policy, and you could improve it immensely.

Look at income inequality from an engineering viewpoint, and the obvious ways to fix it are to change the income and inheritance tax laws. NOT to have a general strike. NOT to start building guillotines. You need to impoverish the criminal rich who steal from the poor, not kill them. If you kill them, they are very soon forgotten and more of them pop up to take their place. Instead, you need them living lives that show their followers what happens to people who do that stuff.

That's why a poor Trump dealing with legal issue for years is so much better than a dead Trump. And I'm talking about everybody in that family, not just Donald.