Thereís plenty of orgs out there. There plenty to plug into and volunteer with. Then comes orientation, meeting scheduled, action plans and usually a follow up. Most follow the Roberts rules. From my experience, they often get hidebound by careerists.

Now compare this to a labor strike. A problem is identified. Thereís broad agreement. Negotiation takes place. If the problem doesnít get resolved the stakes get escalated until their is resolution. Iím from a labor family, btw. Characterizing s strike as you did is revelatory as well as insulting, intentioned or not.

Iím in favor of strikes. They are horizontal and Democratic. Nelson was talking about cross organization coordinating which I agree with. Labor issues are connected to gender, environmental and income issues. Thatís where there needs solidarity or coalition building if you prefer. Thatís where the work is.

There has been thousands of labor strikes over the last few years. A serious uptick in labor activity. Letís not kid ourselves here. Iíve said it before and will say it again. Itís what doesnít get discussed that says as much about the the orientation of this community as what is said. This forum has a more rightward tilt that youíd expect from a mostly PMC class here. Thereís no solidarity in a meritocracy only an atomized class consciousness based on economic and credential status, IMO. How you get this class to throw in with labor has been a constant struggle. They donít see their interest allied with labor. The policies that have come from this class proves the point. The danger now is the professional class simply accommodates itsrlf to fascism. Plenty of historical and current examples of this.

Thatís why Iím curious what you think are the problems and hear what your ideas are for solutions.

Iíve given you mine, lets hear yours.

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