Meanwhile, while we wait for that, how do you solve a problem like Joe Manchin ...

"Sending checks to people that basically already have a check and aren't going to be able spend that or are not going to spend it, usually are putting it in their savings account right now, that's not who we are. We have done an awful lot of that, it's time now to target where the money goes," he added.

Sen. Manchin prefers targeted stimulus checks

So basically Manchin is acting as HR dept. for republicans and Libs. They cant help themselves. Targeting and means testing any sense of common good or common services.

Just as in healthcare, we have a corporate Dem tool stomping on the bare minimum of provisioning people that other countries have been able to figure out. The classic example of not whats right for people but, rather, whos in administration.

Sadly, the current POTUS was able to recognize the need, even if it was primarily self serving. Not that it hasnt been for the other team to deny provisioning.

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