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I didn't think we were here to fix things.

The way to fix things is to fight for solutions. To fight for better candidates. To fight for better policy. The continued belief that Democrats will actually fix anything has worn thin. Their rhetoric implies they will, their actions imply they won't.

Republicans believe that it is not the governments job to fix anything.

Democrats believe that it is the government's job to fix everything.

I'm a Democratic sympathizer. I'm not a Democratic sycophant.

I despise the Republican Party with every fiber of my being.

yin and yang, y'all...opposite and the same. Spinning endlessly in place until they are nudged left or right.

I agree about identifying problems and organizing around them. So far, Dems have ignored the progressives and leftists. For me, it’s about getting their attention and m making them respond. Very good examples of this happening in the past, not so much in the last 2-3 decades at least, IMO.

The other problem is the scolding performative nature of some orgs out there. Some much larger Orgs than what we witnessed this week with Trumps Qanon riot. Having little effect, in my view. Pink pussy hats with the Washington march comes to mind. No ask. No identified problem cept ‘there’s an orange Cheeto in the White House!’ venting.

I’ve been involved in community orgs as well and experienced this same problem at t the grass roots level. Instead of organizing around objectives they become spleen venting sessions around the latest indignation’s from corporate news infotainment.

There was an attempt to bring in a pro. Story I got was she had trained under Alindky himself. She was on her 80’s and sharp as hell. There was an excellent structure, very horizontal and creative. Recognized it immediatly from earlier employment. A technique to define gosls, objectives and tactics.

Trouble was the same Libs wanted to skip the process. Too bad. Thought it was very useful. My personal opinion was that, while well intentioned, the participants were better off and had no real problems. They weren’t grinders or mechanics that were willing to go to work. The group disbanded soon after.

I’ve found this to be true of groups organizing around racism. That ‘White Fragility’ book... I dunno.

We’ve had some bad national press in Buffallo and Rochester with protest getting brutalized, black communities suffering state violence, a mental crises resulting in another choke out aired on national networks.
Occupying public spaces is radicalizing but seems to have been ignored By power as much as the Womens March or Airport protests or, well, about anything anymore.

I believe with others who’ve made the critique of our having created an illiberal democracy from a formerly liberal one. The state does not respond to the basic material needs of much of the citizenry. Who would argue that point currently?

I’m doubtful that it can be made too in a more left humane way. I don’t see the vehicle to deliver the pressure that has been there in the past. I do see the continuation of the rightward momentum though. There doesn’t seem to be an alternative.

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