Labor needs to remember it has power. It's been B.S.'ed by media and it's own leadership here and a rebalance between labor and capitol has been long over due. Our politics reflect this, IMO.

I mentioned M4A as just one example of an identified problems (commodified healthcare) having a solution. Labor is starting to understand this as an important issue. Leadership not so much but rank and file gets it. You say that with the rank and file voting for sanders and rebuking leaderships candidate endorsements in the Nevada primary.

The old Boomer war between labor and college degrees must end.
Time and 'disruption' of white collar workplaces may be what ultimately resolves this.

No need to reinvent the wheel with Co-ops. There's corridors of co-ops that have existed in Europe since WW2.

The major problem is institutional power no longer having the capacity to responds to the material conditions of its citizens. I've not been coy about this or my opinion about how it's come to this sorry state. Them needles going in the wrong directions and the economic violence evident in our decaying communities from finance capitalism is a consistent message I've maintained for years now.

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