There seems to be a real problem within the group that rioted and stole from the congressional building. I found it pretty amazing. There is the guy who stole Pelosi's reading stand and then posed for a photo holding said item on his way out with a great big smile on his face. There are several things like this. These criminal jackasses have got to be the worst thieves out there! When one is in the process of committing a crime its simply not a bright thing to do when you show yourselves with the ill gotten gains smiling and posing for a photo.

My own thought is that these idiots had no idea they were breaking any laws or a walking two-by-fours and should be put someplace for their own safety. When they say "proud boys" they must REALLY mean it. Its kinda like holding up a 711 whilst smiling at the camera to make sure they know who you are. Its just flat out very strange. Its as if somebody told these guys to make sure to get their pictures taken if they are going to break any laws so we all know who and what they are?

Just saying.............

Oh, now they are apparently telling everybody their new plans, the fact that next time they will be armed, what their plans to shoot are, etc. Its as if the first time around they were just not too good and, this next time, they are going to fix that by telling everybody their plans and then maybe they can all be arrested? My own hope is that gov will provide cameras EVERYWHERE, thereby making sure we can watch them indulge in crime whilst making sure that they are all recorded whilst at it.

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