Remember when I asked the question, what would happen if the military supported Mr Trump? Well Jan 6 somewhat answered that question. There were members of GOP Congressional staff who aided and abetted the insurrection. There were members of police and fire departments supporting the insurrection. There were ex-military supporting the insurrection.

Gen Milley and JC's had to issue a memo alerting the military they were not to participate in any illegal or seditious activities, especially related to Trump's insurrection. Why would they feel the necessity of doing that unless there was an element of the military which supported the insurrection.

I feel compelled and justified in speculating there was a real possibility of Trump sympathizers in law enforcement and the military who if they had participated would have easily overrun the capitol and controlled it. What then???

When you think back to this day, you will wonder just how close we were to a real disruption in control of the government, if not a successful coup.

Could it happen in America? Damn right it could

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty