I'm back😱😀, but cleverly incognito as Coddle, named after Schlack's favorite Irish grey milky stew, which as I seem to recall, was an alias, probably adopted after a penalty box visitation for no apparent violation!😱😀
Previously I had been !known as TatumA, Leoger, or possibly other forgotten usernames.

I figured it might be safe to return now that the statute of limitations has apparently run out or I was granted a pardon and a temporary password!
Also I might be able to comment now that Rump's moon is setting, and my blood pressure may not be pushed to lethal levels as long as Biden gets inaugurated without nukes being released on blue states!

I hope I can get a real password on this tablet, as I'm suddenly between computers!
Hope to see y'all soon!

There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
sevil regit