Here;s a speculative question.

We know a number of law enforcement/military people were engaged in the insurrection. We know far right militias have for years been trying to recruit military people into their ranks. Now suppose we have just 10% of the 25k NG in Washington who are members and are willing to overthrow the government are employed on the 20th to open the barricades to protesters/rioters/insurrectionists. These could be the real martyrs. Laying down their lives to incite a national insurrection. No false flag .... that's real blood in the streets. Of 50M people, how many would be willing to join the effort? Remember we have currently serving elected Congresspeople who aided and abetted the Capitol Insurrection of 2021.

This is real .... and it doesn't go away.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty