Trump is certainly not reimbursing them! He never pays for anything. He's the prototype of the rich guy who invites you to lunch at the fanciest place in town, but forgets his wallet. (Don't forget, the Koch funding is cut off.)

Blanket pardons all around is more "aid or comfort" to insurrectionists. It makes Trump's chances of being barred from running again that much higher. I also expect lots of people get indicted anyway, and when their lawyers bring up a pardon the prosecutors make the 14th Amendment argument that Trump did not have pardon power after the 6th. It will get to the Supreme Court where they almost to a man decide it applies. They have no love of any of the people Trump will try to pardon.

By then the Republican Establishment who sent most of them, will want nothing to do with the insurrectionists or Trump. CYA, baby!