Contagious narcissism

Also known as narcissism by proxy!
As I have observed in several medical centers, narcissism is highly contagious, with the sycophants rapidly adapting the leader's characteristics, or else had better move on. Resistance to narcissism is regarded by the participants as traitorous, and is dealt with ruthlessly.

This is why I was so appropriately apprehensive about rump's psychopathology. The academic world is full of narcissists with variable pathology, but the worst are the malignant narcissists! All narcissists hurt people, but the malignant narcissists enjoy it much more!

They are extremely dangerous, even without much power, but with real power they come into their own. Heaven help us! Maybe the white evangelicals will put in a good word for the rest of us. I would like to ask them about how they like God's plan for America, except I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like their answers.


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