All excuses a person might make if they were as poor as me. My machine was originally Windows 7. I loaded Windows 10 as soon as it came out, had some issues early on but it ironed itself out over time.

You can round up a used machine for cheap at any computer shop. Or if you go with a desktop you can order the parts and build it yourself. I'm gonna keep this machine running another year or so until the re-model is finished then I'll build something capable of any gaming I'm liable to do.

I'm a desktop guy. I have enormous hands and need a fullsize keyboard to type effectively, I've never been comfortable with laptops. My eyes aren't so good either so I like a huge monitor too.

You aint poor, man, you've told us how well you've done. So why you such a cheap ass...?

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...