Failure to communicate

I am trying to cope with the decisional conflict of purchasing a new computer, as my standby machine was a Dell Latitude running Win7. It still computes just fine, except for a bit of overheating (likely cat fur in fan), but it has a severe failure to communicate. It started with WiFi but progressed to being unable to communicate through the Ethernet cables that I never removed. I can write an email or text and save to thumb drive and go upstairs to the Win7desktop, though that risks "feedback" from wife as desktop is in woman cave.
Right now I'm using the desktop, but downstairs I'm limited to an Amazon fire tablet, which wears out my index fingers.

I originally hesitated to upgrade as I would have to go to Win10 with any new laptop or desktop for that matter.
Then since work requiring windows was no longer a constraint, I even started reviewing the new MacBookpros and Ipad pros, which made decisions even worse.
Macs seem much more friendly with Iphones, as even my wife has no problem with her old Ipad and phone syncing.

Then I saw that DragonSpeech, which I used for years was no longer available or supported in the Mac world, though some say I could run in in a windows window on the Macbook-pros.
What could possibly go worng with that? Maybe if I introduce myself to allexa she could fix everything.

Like Greger, i prefer a desktop and a big screen, with a mouse which I use instinctively with photo-editing in Picassa which was also autopilot for me after snap editing images for at least 5000 conferences, but Picassa is no more except in Win7 world!

Then, since Im into music again, it would be great to have all my sheet music on a tablet on a music stand, so I can find the right selection in concert band rehearsals and performances, and make the musical notes large enough to read with reading glasses. Covid stopped the Band. Then I figured why not look into music editing and midi processing, and then why not digitize and edit all the kids videos, stored on VHS, Hi8,etc but Hi8 camera was lost by miscreant kid, so have to look for new playback machines... you get the picture!

My wife has a solution for me, buy one of each computers and if you dont like it, sell it.
At this point I start drinking and hit brain dump/erase/delete, until my fingers get tired again.

I suspect none of you will be very sympathetic to my plight, as I have never ventured into gaming other than PONG, which I think can be run on something in the pile of kid abandoned gaming bin.

NWP had a post cheering about how much fun he was having with digital recording, that also made me hesitate even more.

Im lucky that I dont have any real computer project deadlines that could stimulate decision making, Oh, and then there is Covid that keeps me from going out and actually laying hands on a new machine.

We are signed up for our first Covid immunization in Mid Feb, so maybe then I will seriously start active procrastination. It is all a great distraction from the smouldering nation!

cant decide between
Sincerely and
Stay well
So I'll use both
Thank you very much!

There's nothing wrong with thinking
Except that it's lonesome work
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