I bought an HP laptop with a 15" screen a couple of years ago. It didn't have an operating system, or hard drive, and cost me 100.00 It has a 1tb drive, a cd/dvd and 12 gb of memory. Its an older model agout 2" thick. It works just fine (put ubuntu on it) and I use it when I am watching tv. Its good and its fast (2.4ghz) I would like something that weighs less but too lazy and cheap to replace it. its a good machine and it was cheap.

its strange. I haven't checked prices on used laptops for a while. Just did, for some reason they cost more now than they did a couple of years ago! Must be kids getting laptops for school has kept the prices up. The other day I thought I would check the prices of motherboards. Those prices are, I think, a bit high too. I expect that, over time, it will be better.

I buy most of this stuff on ebay.