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This winter will help push the spread of the snakes south and well out of my region for the foreseeable future. It's been fecking cold this year.

Hope they get Scotty on the golf course, though gators are more prevalent, as they like golf balls as gizzards stones, and are a two stroke penalty if they eat your balls. Pythons rarely are attracted to golf balls, and only a one stroke penalty due to low aggression.
Gators have figured out how to survive freezing temperatures by going into a hybernation-like state, but leaving their snouts slightly above the frozen water line. It's likely they have made it as far North as Maryland, but the state doesn't want to acknowledge it as then they would be classified as a protected rare species.

But I look at a creature like the one above and wonder how many steaks can be cut from it.

With 200-300 ribs, lots of ribeyes. We ate Caiman, little gators in the Amazon, but only the tails cut perpendicular to long axis. They looked like pork chops with white meat that tasted like, you guessed it, natives.


can you mix it with pork fat and make snake sausage?

You would have to add lots of fat, they are very lean,like the natives, hot climate, no fat natives.

They've put a bounty on lionfish and maybe the snakes too. I wish they'd do more about the alligators. No water is completely safe anymore, ten footer took my neighbor's dog year or so ago. They're low rider velociraptors and breed like cockroaches.

Our friends in Savannah told us the gators came up the drainage ditches and were taking small unwary dogs on dry land, and were working on protecting their kids from danger.
Once a gator develops a taste for French food, Fifi the poodle is an endangered species!
No offense to dog lovers!

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