I'm slated for my second shot on Feb 13. Hopefully they will have the vaccine to do the job. I'll know in 2 weeks. The entire vaccine thing is a genuine mess. Promises not kept, millions of shots ordered and, apparently, will be ready around the middle of summer but, then again, maybe not. The strange thing up here is that the Indians (feather) seem to be getting a lot of vaccine. They all got shot up and then offered a couple thousand shots to Sequim (small town by us) residents as well. (I am not upset about this just thought it was a bit strange). I have been told that Washington state has more Indian reservations than anyplace else in the nation. We have something like 15 reservations within 100 miles of here. As far as I know only one group got a pile of vaccinations to share with others. They (the Indians) also provide healthcare to those not Indians (Dentists, Mental Health, Healthcare Clinic, etc). The gratitude of the Sequim residents is to sue the Indians for building such things <sigh> Oh, the Qanon mayor of Sequim made the nation news yesterday as well. Interesting place, Sequim.

I had a friend who built a lot of houses in Sequim. He was finishing one off and turning on the electricity and the new owner was keeping an eye on things. After he turned on the electricity the new owner said; "Now I can get on with what I really want to do". My friend asked what that might be. The new owner said that he wanted to work to take down Grand Coulee Dam. My friend said to him; "That will be interesting, you do understand that is where we get our elector power?" The new owner said; "OH, I didn't know that - I guess I will have to find something else to do". Sequim is a retirement town and its filled with Ignorant, fairly rich, retirees (which, amongst other things, kinda explains the Qanon mayor).