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o save time, energy, etc. just call the trial to order and then have the vote. 1-5 senators with open minds who might weigh their decision on the evidence isn't worth having this thing drag out. 50-50, 55-45 or something in-between. Same results.

I think that presenting the evidence, ala Reality TV, will give a good deal more flavor and texture to the long game.

Most of the Republicans desperately want this to evaporate so as not to permeate their "party" with additional lasting stench. There appears to be a trend among them to say, "Yeah, he did bad things, but we don't want to be the ones to judge it. Make someone else do that."

I say they should be compelled do it, in the clear view of reality and evidence. That way their minority vote to not convict will mean something potentially useful for Americans and history down the road.

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